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Welcome Back!!

There have been a lot of changes here for the start of this school year. We would like to welcome Julie Randall, the new Executive Assistant. She will do her best to make your day bright! Another important change are the bell times at school throughout the day, as well as early dismissal times, which have changed from 11:50am to 11:45 am. That little 5 minutes will make a difference, so just to be aware.

Though we will be sending out a monthly calendar still, you can now view the complete school year on the interactive calendar page of the website. Please take a moment to go check it out. It's awesome. Use the little blue buttons in the top left corner of the calendar to switch month to month. Preview the whole year, but please check back on it each month, as we might add things as we go along. You can print the calendar each month as well. All of the holidays, PD Days, Parent Teacher Interviews, and noon dismissals are all on there as of now. Special events will be added as they come up.

We are really looking forward to this coming school year!
We can't wait to see all the happy shiney people! :)

Important dates for September 2018 are:
  • September 4 - Staff Return - No school for students
  • September 5 - Students Return - Welcome back!
  • September 6&7 - PD Days 1 and 2 - No school for students
  • September 24 - Staff Meeting - 11:45am Dismissal
  • October 1 - Parent Teacher Day - No school for students

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