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Welcome to our official year-round fundraising page! We will be posting everything about our fundraising on here in one spot so it's easy for everyone to keep track of.

We have been selected to be a receiving charity for the Shaw Charity Classic event this year! All money that we raise via your donations before August 20th will be matched by up to 50%! Potentially, this is the biggest fundraiser that we've ever been able to participate in. It's so simple to donate, and even if all you have is $10 or $20, your donation would go a long way! You can just drop by and fill out the donor form right here at the school or donate online. Thank you SO much in advance! Together we can make huge difference with this one.

                     To donate to this, just click the Shaw BFK picture to the left ---->

We had such an outstanding response from our first electronics fundraiser that we are collecting again from May 1 to May 31st for round #2! We will be planning more collection dates in the future as well (so essentially, we are collecting year round now). Please bring in your non-working or old computers, laptops, printers, scanners, fax machines, monitors, and televisions for donation.

We have joined forces with LifeTouch and Shutterfly to bring amazing photo products available to you with ease. The best part is that if you purchase through our Shutterfly storefront, you will be contributing to our fundraising efforts, because 8% of every sale comes directly to our school! Helping us fundraise has never been easier, and you get truly unique gifts, products and memories to share with loved ones! You can literally buy any sort of gift for all occasions that you can imagine from Shutterfly. So, the next time you are thinking about personalized gifts from Shutterfly, please consider clicking on our storefront first. It takes you to the same Shutterfly page, but this way you're donating 8% of your purchase to our school. Win-win!!

To buy through our storefront, just click this banner!

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