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Areas of Instruction

Students attending Parkland School receive skill development and training in reading, fine motor, mathematics, language arts, GEMIINI speech program, snack program, physical education, health, hygiene, self-concept, augmentative communication, computers, music, living vocational skills, pre-vocational skills, community awareness, social skills and recreation.

Skill development in these areas are prioritized to provide the student with the most necessary skills needed to lead a productive and fulfilling life.

In the Primary and Intermediate I classrooms, the multi-dependent handicapped students receive specialized programming in sensory stimulation, feeding, toileting, range of motion, physio therapy, communication, socialization and community awareness.

Please feel free to ask the teachers or director for any details regarding these areas of instruction. We welcome your questions and input into our programs.


Carolina Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers/Preschoolers; Brigance Inventory of Early Development, Brigance Inventory of Basic Skills and Brigance Life Skills Curriculum are all the assessments used at Parkland School once per term to evaluate the student's progress. From these assessments an IPP (Individual Program Plan) is developed and updated throughout the term. The Alberta Education Curriculum "Programming For Students With Special Needs"; the AIM (Assessment Intervention Matrix); Meeting Challenging Needs Curriculum and the "HELP" Charts are all utilized for classroom teaching strategies.

Parent-Teacher Interviews are held three times a year to complete IPP's and to share results of assessments. Parents are requested to provide input into the development of the IPP through questionnaires sent out twice per term and through Parent-Teacher Interviews. Attendance at interviews is compulsory!


Parkland School is monitored and evaluated by Alberta Education and the Board of Parkland Community Living and Supports Society on a regular basis. We are a designated special education accredited private school in good standing with Alberta Education.

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